• 1 1/2” – 2 1/2” NPSH/NS ports on both Manifold heads
  • Cannon Sprinkler-type head with 2 smooth bore nozzles
  • Easy, quick set up on ground or roof mount
  • Tough, welded stainless and aluminium construction
  • Broken stream allows conservation of water resources
  • Does not damage houses located in the interface environment
  • Set up and “walk-away” feature allows operators to get out of harm’s way

“Quite impressed with your product. Used it to protect a resort near Vanderhoof and the owner was also impressed.”

Mike Sparks / Manager
Wildfire & Emergency Dept.
Yukon Gov't

"We have one in reserve and one mounted to our ‘bush truck’. Our guys are impressed with it, it’s a must for us."

Ray Delcourt / Fire Chief
Ladysmith, BC

“The coverage is clearly impressive.”

Chris Locke / Technician
Wildfire Operations
Yukon Gov't 

Each passing summer is among the worst years on record for forest fire damage, and this is part of a worsening trend.

Every year, more than five million hectares of forested land burns across North America, with more and more of this containing towns, cities, and homes. The cost of this damage, and fighting these forest fires, is in the billions each year. More effective forest fire fighting equipment can help to reduce these costs.

Some recent notable fires include:

British Columbia 
1.3 million hectares, largest in BC history
British Columbia
1.2 million hectares, second largest in BC history, 65,000 evacuees
Fort McMurray
600,000 hectares, 88,000 evacuees, costliest disaster in Canadian history