Wildland-Urban Interface Fire Fighting

Protecting Structures, assets and lives in Wildland Urban areas is costly and time consuming. Firebozz® Sets up in mere minutes and offers incredible coverage. When combined in-line with other units they offer fast, efficient fire breaks.

  • No specialized hose
  • “Set-and-forget” allows Firebozz to be maintained, moved and cleaned up with minimal costs
  • Use of Firebozz® on the leading edge of the fire with minimal manpower allows you to maximize resources and save money

Industrial Structure Protection

Firebozz® can protect assets and infrastructure in wildfire threatened environments without costly investment. Easily movable Firebozz® can be stored and moved between facilities according to need.

  • Avoid large costs for fixed remote sensing equipment
  • Firebozz® is easily transported at 42 lbs (19 kgs) per unit
  • Sets ups out of the box with ease. No special training needed.

Oil, Gas and Infrastructure

Stuctures and resources located in Wildland environment are increasingly threatened by wildfire and are often potential ignition sources for wildfire. Firebozz® offers a cost-effective means to reduce risk and liability.

  • Instant set up and low maintenance
  • No costly electronic infrastructure
  • Instant set up means no multiple heads to pre-placed.
  • Extreme coverage from units mean Firebozz® units offer you maximum coverage with minimal number of units.

Firebozz forest fire fighting equipment is quick and easy to set up, with high levels of portability and flexibility.

This allows for urban areas, industrial structures, and infrastructure to be protected at lower costs, with minimal manpower and lower overhead. Firebozz features include:

  • No specialized hose
  • “Set-and-forget” for easy maintenance and clean up with minimal costs
  • Lightweight (42 lbs/19 kgs) for easy transportation 
  • Sets ups out of the box with ease, and no special training required
  • Maximum fire protection with minimal number of units

With the Firebozz fire fighting sprinkler system, you can combat the billions of dollars of annual lost value caused by wildfires and forest fires.