• 1 1/2” – 2 1/2” NPSH/NS ports on both Manifold heads
  • Cannon Sprinkler-type head with 2 smooth bore nozzles
  • Easy, quick set up on ground or roof mount
  • Tough, welded stainless and aluminium construction
  • Broken stream allows conservation of water resources
  • Does not damage houses located in the interface environment
  • Set up and “walk-away” feature allows operators to get out of harm’s way

“Quite impressed with your product. Used it to protect a resort near Vanderhoof and the owner was also impressed.”

Mike Sparks / Manager
Wildfire & Emergency Dept.
Yukon Gov't

"We have one in reserve and one mounted to our ‘bush truck’. Our guys are impressed with it, it’s a must for us."

Ray Delcourt / Fire Chief
Ladysmith, BC

“The coverage is clearly impressive.”

Chris Locke / Technician
Wildfire Operations
Yukon Gov't