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Local area fire departments beef up arsenals - Clearwater Times

Blackpool and Clearwater Fire Departments got a generous donation toward a collaborative strategy the two services have been working on to combat wildfire threats to the community.

Interior Savings Credit Union, the Community Forest Association and the Royal Bank of Canada made donations which went towards the purchase of four FireBozz water cannons, four cart cannons and two high pressure pumps that’ll be shared between the two fire departments.

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CTV News Edmonton. Segment starts at 0:45. 

Fire Bozz technology is being demonstrated in Red Deer and incorporated into their fire control practices.

"This system would take about 2 hrs to setup once it's transported. If we can get ahead of it and we've got 4 hrs to deploy and we can get 20-30 minutes running of this line, we know that we can drastically reduce the chances of mass assets being endangered."

Terry Raymond
Fire & Flood Emergency Services
Red Deer, Alberta 

Nanaimo company asks BC to use its fire suppression equipment - Chek News

A Nanaimo business is asking the BC's wildfire operations to use it's innovative fire suppression equipment.

"When things do get desperate, when a fire enters a town, or is directly threatening a town, you can rapidly deploy them as a fire break almost instantaneously," said FireBozz owner Rod Szasz.

Numerous fire departments have purchased and used the equipment but Szasz wishes the BC Wildfire Service was using it to fight BC's Interior fires this summer...



Nanaimo company provides new way for fire crews to fight blazes - Global News

In the middle of a historic season for fires in British Columbia, one man’s fire suppression business is taking off.

“When things get desperate, and buildings are directly threatened, and you do have a water source, they can provide instantaneous protection in minutes and they’re very easily set up,” says Rob Szasz, creator of the Firebozz.

The tool is based on a modified agricultural sprinkler, capable of spraying large volumes over a massive area...

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Water cannons provide new way for Whistler Fire Rescue Service to fight fires - Resort Munincipality of Whistler

The FireBozz water cannons are rapidly deployable devices that can protect property and operate independently to free up firefighters and equipment. The lightweight cannons are based on a modified agricultural sprinkler that sprays large volumes of water, fire retardant or foam, creating a fire barrier hundreds of square meters in diameter. As water soaks into the ground, a fire break is established, a key component when battling interface fires.

The units are placed well in the advance of the fire front as a line of defence. The cannons can also be used in residential fires to stop fire spreading from house to house, and house to forest...

Whistler BC New Fire Safety


Nanaimo inventor creates more efficient firefighting tool - Nanaimo News Bulletin

A Nanaimo inventor has combined old technology to create a new way to battle brush fires.

Urban interface fires have destroyed hundreds of homes in B.C., the U.S., Australia and elsewhere. What’s needed to fight fast-moving wildfires is a simple, rapidly deployable device that can protect property and be left to operate on its own to free up firefighters and equipment.

Rod Szasz created the FireBozz, a water cannon based on a modified agricultural sprinkler that sprays large volumes of water to create a fire barrier hundreds of square metres in diameter...

Nanaimo Inventor Rod Szasz

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