Wildfire Updates

Articles from around North America highlighting the need for wildfire management equipment. 

Wildfires in Colorado and fire weather warnings affect 7 states

While most of the continent endures freezing winter conditions, seven of the drier US states already have fire weather warnings in effect. A large area south of Denver, and another large area south of Kansas City are primarily of concern.

Preparing for an increase in wildfires this year

Florida is preparing for another worrying year of wildfires. The tropical US state is not a stranger to wildfires at any point in the year but they definitely pick up in late winter and early spring.

As spring approaches, incoming chief confident in fire department's capabilities

This month Fort McMurray's fire chief Darby Allen is retiring, having seen enough fire for a lifetime after last spring. He'll be succeeded by Jody Butz, who was formerly the assistant deputy chief.