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Fire Defense
Interface Fire Defense, Fire Break and Area Protective Uses
Wildlife-Urban Structure Protection
Urban Structure Protection
Mobile Site Protection

Harm Reduction
Dust Suppression
Contaminant Dispersal
Mist/Water Creation for Safety
Controlled Burning Environments

Resort and Agriculture
Mobile Snow Making
(with special nozzle)
Mobile Spot Irrigation

The FireBozz is a versatile piece of equipment with applications in Fire Fighting, Structure Protection, and the Oil Industry.

It is especially suited to Fire Departments and Oil Installation Companies who need to suppress or be protected from large-scale fires/wildfires.

We manufacture a field-tested rapidly deployable wildfire suppression system. Unlike competitors, it is a single system with minimal set up time, maintenance while being terrain flexible. Its patented saturation system, is more efficient in suppressing fire, reducing both suppression and damage costs while improving overall safety for fire-fighters .

“Water usage is 30% that of standard equipment, this is a considerable advantage. A water canon that has a radius of action of 150 ft. is an exceptional increase over currently available technology. For its described and intended purpose, the innovation is an exceptional advance on the state of the art and can serve as a new benchmark.”

Public Works and Government Services Canada Acquisitions Branch

There are few disasters more devastating than forest fire. Without the proper fire protection, your world can change in the blink of an eye. Losing your home or any property to wildfire is traumatic in many ways. Not only does the displacement caused by lack of shelter uproot your entire life or business, but the loss of property, including precious memories or keepsakes, can take a huge emotional toll on you and your family.

Firebozz forest fire fighting equipment works to prevent the devastation of forest fires. Our fire fighting sprinkler system is field-tested and rapidly deployable, to counteract wildfire damage before it’s too late.